Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekly Update - August 8


It's Friday here, not even 6:00 am yet but I thought I'd put a few words down just to let all know what's going on. The big news across the pond is the addition to our group, Stephen Olugbode. Stephen comes from GeoPost where he managed the groups market research. From what I gather he'll be playing a big role in our express parcel and ecommerce projects. Stay tuned.

For me I've been working on various projects - APAC Logistics report, GLM, Dashboard, Agility Emerging Markets Index and writing briefs for the APAC and Americas e-newsletters.

Next week I reckon I'll be working on the same things along with updating the blog. Speaking of the blog, a big thanks to Eye for Transport for picking it up!

No photos to share this week as the weather has been a bit too hot plus it looks like we're in for a rainy weekend. At least with the rainy weekend I'll not be tempted to stray from my work assignments!

Enjoy the weekend and week ahead!

Thanks for taking the time to read.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Freight forwarding, APAC Logistics and Mergers and Acquisitions

Just when I think I can catch a breather something else comes around that catches my attention! Wow. The weeks seem to get busier and busier but it is fun and keeps my mind occupied - a good thing, particularly when the team is a few thousand miles away!!

So, what's happened since the last time I updated here? Well, the Global Freight Forwarding report is now officially published and to great success! I'm very pleased to see the interest. Thank you to all that have purchased it!

Now, I focus on my next report - APAC Logistics. The outline was approved this morning so I'll get to work on that early next week. Also, the August Global Logistics Monitor is scheduled to be completed early next week. If you are a Ti portal subscriber and did not receive a copy of the July GLM, let me know and I'll send a copy to you. I'm not sure if it has been posted to the portal yet.

Also, if you are not a subscriber to our free monthly m&a e-newsletter, be sure to sign up before Monday. As you probably know, a few acquisitions in the North America market have recently been made. We'll highlight three of them - XPO Logistics/New Breed, TransForce/Contrans and Norbert Dentressangle/Jacobson Companies along with a special briefing on the North America m&a market - what's driving this growth? what sectors? why? and more.

Duh. Before I forget. I wrote a blog post this week! Speaking of acquisitions....

Supply Chain Plays a Major in the US Dollar Discount Retail Sector This is an interesting topic. I keep seeing more discount retailers such as these pop up. Also, Wal-Mart seems to be interested in this space particularly as they build smaller, neighborhood stores. Who says the US economy is improving? I guess it depends on who you ask. These dollar discount retail stores are increasing revenue in the double-digits on an annual basis. Something's going on for sure. Check it out when you can.

Well, that's about it from here. Just to let you know that I do more than just write articles and reports, below is a photo I took while on a recent walk in the North Georgia mountains. I'm trying to get back into shape so that if I get to attend our conference in Singapore in October, my plan is for an extra few days in Japan to walk part of Mt. Fuji!! Fingers crossed on that one!

Have a great weekend and next week and thanks for reading!


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Global Freight Forwarding report publishing soon!

That's right. Ti's Global Freight Forwarding report will be published July 31. The Ti team, led by the wonderful Lilith, is putting the finishing touches on the report - formatting charts, proofing etc.

Did you see the report infographic? if not here it is:

What's next? well, Thomas is at work on the Global Automotive Logistics report and I'll be planning the Asia Pacific Logistics report this coming week. I also a few other things to take care of such as updating Dashboard charts, making sure some customers are doing ok and contact some folks that may like to speak at our conference in Singapore (scheduled for October).

With that, enjoy the week ahead and thanks for reading!